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In order to get the most out of your initial consultation, please provide as much details as you can in the form below. We understand that some of these questions may not be easy to answer at this point, so none of the fields are mandatory. Please fill in as much information as you think you know at this time! This will help your wedding designer narrow down the options and find the best match for you!

Over the years, we have worked with many destination wedding couples, and we find that there a a fundamental set of questions that every couple has. We have attempted to answer most of them here, however if anything comes up that we haven't answered, please feel free to reach out to us and ask us directly! 

1. What is a Destination Wedding?! 

A Destination Wedding is an opportunity to allow you to celebrate your love somewhere in a tropical location under the beautiful blue Caribbean sky with all your loved ones. Destinations may include Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic! Wherever your heart's fancy, ask us about it and we've probably already been there!

2. Why should I consider a Destination Wedding?

 - Cost! - The Millenial couples these days are forgoeing the huge, grand and undoubtedly expensive weddings at home to have Destination Weddings because they save so much!

- Intimacy - Destination Weddings will usually draw up a smaller guestlist and therefore are more personal and intimiate ceremonies.

- An opportunity for a reunion! - A traditional wedding will usually last a day, maybe two. A destination wedding will last anywhere from 4 days to a week! This give the families a chance to catch up, and the new families a chance to bond. 

- A Vacation! - What better way to celebrate your wedding than when you're on vacation! All your friends and family are also on vacation and therefore having the time of their lives as well! 

3. Is a Destination Wedding right for me?

I think this is the most important question to ask yourself. While destination weddings may work out to be less expensive than local weddings for the couple, are you comfortable asking your guests to spend money to attend your destination wedding? Destination Weddings require a lot of trust. You can't taste the cake, smell the flowers, touch the linens or meet your photographer until pretty much days before the ceremony (unless we arrange a site inspection for you, please ask us about this if it interests you.) Are you trusting enough to allow your wedding designer to advise you on the option that best suits your vision? Can you handle it if the wedding day doesn't end up exactly the way you envision it? The shade of teal may not be exactly as the picture they sent you, or the roses may not actually be roses, they may be some other variation of flower on the day of, is this something you can accept? 

Also with destination weddings, there will invariably be a few guests who can't afford to travel, or who can't get the time off work, or whose health won't permit them to travel. Are you okay with not having these people attend your wedding?

4. What can I do to ensure that a majority of my invited guests attend?

I cannot stress the importance of giving your guests enough time to get their finances in order. Ideally you want to give your guests a year notice so that they can make all the arrangements necessary to be able to attend your wedding.

Keep in mind where the majority of your guests will be travelling from and pick a destination that will be an easy, one-flight destination. If you pick an obscure location which doesn't have a direct flight option, your guests may get intimidated and decide not to attend. 

Consult with your agent (me!) about any concerns that may be going on with the destination you choose. We tend to keep abreast with all the news of the destinations we serve and we can point you in a different direction if the location you choose may potentially not be a good idea at that specific time.

5. How much do you charge for your services?

Destination Wedding planning has two aspects to it. Travel Manager and Event Planner. For the initial consultations where we look through resort options and pricing, I do not charge any fees. Once you have found the option you love and are ready to book, I would reserve the date and time at the resort for you also for no charge.  I would also be your travel co-ordinator (booking the rooms and travel for your guests) for absolutely no fees.

Should you choose to hire me as your event planner as well, there will be a fee based on a number of factors such as how many guests are attending, how many events you plan on having, what your visions for the events are and how much time I will need to execute your visions. I will only ever charge you one flat fee, without any limitations on the amount of time I spend. I feel that limitations are stressful for both the couple, and myself, and my job is to remove the stress from Destination Wedding Planning!

6. How do I pick the right destination and resort for my Destination Wedding?

This is where we come in. We have personally been to over 100 resorts in the Caribbean. Your initial consultation will be a series of questions that will help us find the perfect match for you, because every couple is different, and therefore everyone's perfect match will be different!

7. What is the booking process like?

The first step is setting up your initial complimentary consultation with us. During this consultation we ask you questions to help us narrow down the choices for you. Once we get a feel of what your vision is, we will narrow it down to 3-5 options. We will then go to all our supplier partners (Transat, Sunwing, Westjet, Air Canada, Sunquest etc) and negotiate on your behalf to get you the industry best rates for travel. Once we have the best rates and promotions for you, we will present you with your options and guide you through evaluating the options. Once you have made your choice, we reach out to the resort and reserve the date/time for you at the resort, while at the same time ensuring that the supplier has enough space to accommodate your group. Once both bookings are done, you would invite all your guests and let them know that we are your travel managers and they can book their travel through us. We will work with all your guests one-on-one and answer any travel-related questions they may have! 

8. I booked my wedding a year ago, we are 2 months out and I noticed the price on my package just dropped. What do I do now?

What I always tell my couples when they are booking is that they are not booking a travel package for themselves, they are booking for a large group of people. So when we are negotiating rates a year in advance, we will get you the BEST available rates at that time, however down the road the rates may change for individual reservations, but we have already locked in rates for our group. What we have also guaranteed is that the aircraft has enough seats for your group, and the hotel has enough space to accommodate your group. So while the package rate may drop because the airline has a few seats they need to liquidate, or the resorts have a few rooms left they need to fill, that lower rate would never have been able to accommodate your entire group. So my advice do all your due diligence before you book, but once you're locked in, Don't Look again!!

9. Legalities! What do I need to know about having a wedding abroad?

There are two types of Destination Weddings. Legal weddings, and symbolic weddings. Will a person attending be able to tell the difference? Absolutely not! A legal wedding has a lot of requirements and you have to start the paperwork process atleast 6 months in advance. Not only do you have to get an afidative from the Canadian Government, you then have to translated into the language of the country you choose to marry in, and approved by the consulate of that country. (We are well versed in the legalities of each country and can advise you on the procedures should you choose this option). The other option is to have a small court marriage here and do the symbolic wedding there.